School has let out for the summer and lots of parents are wondering just how they're going to keep their kids occupied over the summer besides all night, caffeine fueled video game benders. Well, Victoria Public Library just may be able to help your child unplug this summer and keep their minds thinking rather than staring at a computer or TV screen for hours on end all summer.

Today (June 4th) the library kicks off it's annual summer reading program from 9a-11a at their branch location downtown. The program runs all the way through July 31st. Not only does the Summer Reading program encourage kids to read more over the summer months but did I mention you get cool prizes for doing so? If you needed any more incentive there you go.

There are two different programs. Read-a-palooza for the younger kids up to 5th grade, and the Drawn To Imagine teen reading program for grades 6th-12th.

And parents....the biggest incentive to sign your kids up...IT'S 100% FREE!!

Now get reading!!

::Below you will find a calendar of events for the month of June. For more information visit their website at