We all hear the stories on the radio.  Sometimes we'll catch a small blurb in the last Thirty Seconds of a News Cast on TV or read a "police blotter" type of story in the national news that makes us laugh.  But what about locally?

I know Victoria is more known for it's #2 national ranking in murders per capita.  We focus on our violent crime here in South Texas.  I guess criminals here have their priorities straight. Go ahead.  Blame on all on "gang activity".

We did have a FUNNY criminal here a couple of years back.  I don't think he got caught, so he doesn't count as a "Stupid Criminal".  Someone was spray painting "HAMMER TIME" below the word "STOP" on local stop signs.  Vandalism?  Yes.  Criminal?  Absolutely.  But you've gotta admit that's hilarious.

But what about "Stupid Criminals" ?  The ones that get caught. Like this story out of North Carolina...

Or what about the guy in Tennessee that broke into a house and butt dialed the cops, that overheard him talking with his partner about all the great stuff they could steal.

I know these stories exist on a local level.  We need people to share.  Perhaps we can find a policeman to write a monthly blog about "Stupid Criminals".  But until then, what about helping us out.  Email us at : klub@townsquarebroadcasting.com , find us on facebook or just comment below.