The owners of South Texas Performance are gearing up (pun intended) to build their next rat rod....but it's not just any old build,

Darrell and Jennifer Heibel will compete against 11 other teams to see who can build the most kick ass rat rod. But, there's one catch....They only have 30 days and $3,000 to do so. Not exactly an easy feat.

The competition begins in August, and the vehicles must be able to travel at least 300 miles to the Redneck Rumble in Tennessee. This is the Heibels' first time to compete. South Texas Performance has built cars for more than three years, and its team will consist of Darrell Heibel as the team leader, and members of the Victors Car Club will assist in the build.

I hope you'll join me in wishing the Heibels and their team the best of luck. Can't wait to see the finished product.