I don't know about your house, but since the recycling program began a year ago in Victoria, our trash is way down, and our recycling is way down. In fact, before they started the program, with 4 kids at home, we had to order an extra trash dumpster for all of our household garbage pickup every week.

Now that the recycling program has become a regular part of our routine, it's the opposite. Now, we rarely fill even one dumpster with trash, and sometimes we could actually use a second recycle bin.

Environmental Services Director Darryl Lesak said the city has maintained about 73 percent participation during the recycling program's first year, crushing their expectations of 40 percent participation. "It's way more successful than we thought we'd be," Lesak said.

Just imagine the impact of less trash in the landfill, it's got to be pretty significant. How about your household, has it made a big difference?