So the idiots in Hollywood have chosen their next Dark Knight.  And the winner is......Ben Affleck.  WHAT?!?!?

I'm not sure what they're thinking but luckily for them and DC Comics, the fictional (SPOILER ALERT) Bruce Wayne/Batman is hugely popular...probably more popular than the very real Ben Affleck in every way possible.  But I guess the execs feel that Ben Affleck will bring something to the table with Batman....because obviously he did such a stand up job with Marvel's DareDevil....yes, that is sarcasm.

What's next?  Matt Damon as Robin?  Jennifer Garner as Catwoman?  Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern?.....Wait, that nightmare actually happened.

Whether you're a fan of Affleck or not (and I honestly don't know any fans) you can look for your new Dark Knight in the sequel to this summer's blockbuster Man of Steel (Superman to those unfamiliar with life on earth).  It's slated to hit theaters in July 2015.

Personally, I'm not expecting much and hope I'm proven wrong.