Cops these days get a bad rap. Some for good reason but mostly it's unfair. In the age of social media there are certainly no shortages of videos of police officers abusing their power. Or, for lack of a better term, just being assholes for no good reason.

But not here in Victoria. That's where a local shopper spotted Victoria Police officers Bryan Knief and Anthony Vacarro at a local grocery store, in full uniform, purchasing an entire basket full of groceries. The shopper thought it looked a little off so she decided to ask what they were doing. Their response restores my faith in humanity.

It seems the two on duty officers were in fact shopping for groceries.....for a local needy family. Not spending the city's money but their own hard earned dollars. Something you don't see too much from a group of over worked, under paid people but kudos to these two officers for stepping up and taking care of a local family in need.

There should, in fact, be more dedicated officers patrolling our streets like you.

KLUB Rock 106.9 and all our staff salute you both.

Great job! And thank you!