I was doing a live broadcast last night at Gold's Gym Express here in victoria.  It's alwasy kind of weird, because I actually work out there.  So these people usually see me working out, and then I just show up one evening and loiter around with a microphone.  I say loiter, like I'm just wandering around aimlessy or something.  That's far from the case though.  I'm always looking for ways to entertain myself while I'm there.

I was speaking, off-air, with the manager and he told me there had been a couple of recent treadmill accidents there.  He went into painstaking detail about how they went down. 


We spent the next ten minutes watching a complete  D-Bag, wearing spandex none the less, going backwards, showboating on a treadmill.  Is it wrong that we were both begging for an old fashioned youtube moment?  A complete "Treadmill FAIL", type of happening? 

Nah.  He would've had it coming to him for hot doggin' it in the gym.

Point is...It got me thinking about some of the better ones I've seen on youtube.  Check out this compilation of the best "Treadmill FAIL" moments.  Use their stupidity and suffering to make yourself happy!  Enjoy  : )