Townsquare Media in Victoria would like to give a huge shout out to Torres Elementary! Torres Elementary was awarded their grand prize of $25,000 for being the FIRST in the NATION in the PepsiCo’s Recycling contest today at the Victoria Fine Arts Center!!! Torres Elementary is one of three Victoria elementary schools that placed in the national Dream Machine Recycle Rally sponsored by PepsiCo. Torres placed second among schools with 500 to 600 students but will receive the $25,000 prize because the top placer received the monetary award the previous two years, and no school is allowed the grand prize three times in a row.

Leslie Preslar who teaches at Torres said, “ Kecia Garcia, art teacher is the one who headed up the contest to the school and gives Kecia big props for doing so! We couldn’t have done it without her! “ Kecia first involved her neighborhood kids and then got the whole school involved. The students were pumped the whole time knowing it was a contest. Leslie said,” it was very rewarding during the contest to see all the students, teachers, parents and the community come together.”

Even though the contest is over the kids are still pumped to keep recycling. We would like to remind you recycling can benefit the environment by collecting materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash into new products.