Okay, I realize it might be difficult to bring yourself to honor the boss wherever you work, but surely there are some good ones out there, right? Maybe your boss is the kind of person that respects your outside obligations, and allows you to knock off early once in a while when you have a family function you need to attend. Or maybe they give you that extra day off on your vacation to allow for travel time. 

Whatever the reason you consider your boss worthy of recognition, we're making it easy to to just that, by giving away a cool beer and snack basket courtesy of McAdam's Floral. And, if you work within the Victoria city limits, we'll even deliver the basket on Bosses Day October 16th.

If on the other hand, your boss is a slave driver who never gives anyone a break, just keep the basket for yourself, in honor of putting up with their crap all year long. Either way, all you need to do is enter to win! Deadline is Sunday, October 14th so enter early, and enter often.

It pays to be a KLUB Rock VIP!