As Harley Myles would say, "It's the music that defined a generation." Okay, well maybe not, but Bush and Chevelle are some pretty kick-ass bands. Good news-they will be rockin' Concrete Street Amphitheater on Friday, October 21st. Better news-if you're a Rock VIP, you could be going for free. In fact, you can even win it before you buy it! Check it out below the fold...If you wanted to buy tickets, you can't. At least not yet. But, if you're a Rock VIP, you can win some before they even go on sale! Not too shabby, right? Check it out-this show also has a few other great bands-Filter, 10 Years, and Dead Country.

So, if you're a VIP and you want to get in to win, it's easy. Just click here!

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