People sell some crappy stuff at garage sales, don't they? I mean really. Some actually have some collector's items, or maybe a hard to find nick nack, but it's usually just so much garbage, right? But if you're looking for some totally cool stuff owned by somebody else, why not from one of the coolest dudes on the planet? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about one of the greatest guitarists in rock, Slash! Yes, it seems Slash has teamed up with an auction house to sell some of his personal property. O.K., so it's not quite a garage sale.You're not going to find an old lamp for fifty cents, or an old Victrola for a dollar, but you will find guitars, jackets, shirts, jewelry, a top hat, and even a '66 Corvette Stingray Slash describes as "a monster of a car." Some of the proceeds will go to charity, too. If you want to learn more, check out

Maybe if I got one of Slash's Les Pauls, it would come with some mojo!