How's this for revenge?

A Houston man is accused of signing his ex-girlfriend up for a prisoner dating website.

Police said Carl Wayne McGraw, Jr., 30, was romantically involved with the victim for about five months. She told police she ended the relationship with McGraw when she began catching him in multiple lies.

About two weeks later, the woman told police she started getting unwanted emails from prisoners in several states, including Texas.

In each letter, officials said the inmates said they learned about the woman from an online pen pal site for prisoners.

Officials said they later learned McGraw had also created a fictitious Facebook site in the woman's name.

At some point, officials said the victim's aunt sent an email to the account asking if she was still active on Facebook.

Investigators said McGraw responded, stating "Yes, this account is still very much active thank you very much, and you can go **** off now, I will now add you to my blocked list where you cannot bother me anymore!"

Investigators said, at some point, another woman contacted the victim and told her she too had dated McGraw and was also the victim of a cloned website that he had set up.

McGraw is charged with online impersonation.

Not sure if I should be appalled by this, of if this guy is my new hero.  Either way ladies, he's single now.


::Story courtesy of KPRC-TV Houston TX::