As if watching the Olympics isn't exciting enough I've comprised a list of hilarious sexual innuendos I've personally heard so far that these Olympic Games....and it's only day 4.....of 17.  Let the games begin.

Now then, I can hear the chatter now.  Dave, grow up and act your age.  Well, my answer to that is simple.....Not on your life.

If the average person were to hear anything on this list in passing (basically if were anywhere else BUT the Olympics) I'm almost certain a few of these would get a giggle out of even the most hardened adult.  So, without further delay, here is your top 6 sexual innuendos heard at the far

6.  "Hooker really dug that one out on her knees"....Announcer speaking of Team U.S.A. Women's Volleyball player Destinee Hooker.

5.  "Those toes could crack walnuts"....Announcer speaking of U.S.A. Gymnast Jordan Wieber.

4.  "He has such a nice, long, lengthy stroke"...Announcer speaking of Men's Swimming star Ryan Lochte

3. "You have to repeatedly penetrate that circle"...Announcer speaking of Denmark's Women's Field Hockey Team.

2.  "She's got the strongest snatch at the Olympics"....Announcer speaking of Chinese Women's Weightlifter.

1.  "You don't want to get a facial from Todd Rogers"....Announcer speaking of U.S.A. Beach Volleyball player Todd Rogers after Rogers spiked a ball into the face of opposing Japanese player.


And there you have it.  As I said before, the Olympics are only 3 days old.  2 more weeks of endless events will no doubt lead to more fuel for the immaturity fire.  And, as you've come to expect from me, I will be right there...pad and pen in hand...jotting them down for your enjoyment....and mine.