The city of Detroit has been through a lot as of late, with the decline of the auto industry a few years back, a ridiculously high crime rate, its citizens leaving in droves for a long time, and now the ultimate disgrace-the filing for bankruptcy.

I was born and raised in a Detroit suburb, and the city I remember always had a lot going for it. I left the area in the early eighties to pursue work in radio, and I guess I got out just in time. Well, if the city's problems weren't enough, a local artist has added insult to injury by 'enhancing' an iconic city sculpture. The piece in question is simply a suspended likeness of legendary Detroit boxer Joe Louis' arm. It's been there as for as long as I can remember.

Well, now artist Jerry Vile added a giant can of Crisco to the piece to, as Vile says "help ease the pain of Detroit's bankruptcy."

Some in the local news media couldn't quite humor of the fisting joke, going so far as to post on their Facebook page "can anyone explain what this means???" Once they got the gist of the artists' message, the news outlet posted on their page, "Wow. Apparently we're a little naive."

You think?