Want to get pregnant? Then, you might want to visit a hotel in England, where there's a chair sitting in the lobby that's been dubbed "the fertility chair." I would not make this stuff up, no sir. According to a report, 7 hotel staff members have become pregnant in the past 18 months, and they all have something in common...they all sat in the ominous Blue Chair of Fertility.

Seriously. That's what the report says. The hotel in question is the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Milton Keynes, England.  The suspicious chair is a typical office swivel chair, and 4 receptionists became pregnant while working there. Oddly enough, all three gave birth to boys, causing the staff to joke that if you wanted to have a boy, you should come sit in the chair. Next, the 3 remaining receptionists became pregnant. Now, women are refusing to sit in the chair.

No word on if there was anything else the women all had in common like gee, I don't know, having sex? Maybe they all had it on the...never mind.

So, what do you think? Weird coincidence, or bizarre conspiracy?