Look, we all know it's Monday.  We haven't forgotten.  But just go and ask "That Guy" how he is today and he'll gladly remind you, "Well...It's Mundy".  Yep.  What does that even mean though?  This has bugged me for some time now.

It's this same guy that opens every conversation with a quip about the weather.  When it's cold, he says "Is it Spring yet?"    Yeahhhhh, now you follow.  You know him.  "That Guy".   It's like he read a cheat sheet on how to say nothing and still have a conversation.   It's like he has ten programmed responses to answer questions and even fewer programmed ways to start a conversation on the fly.  "Did ya see that Cowboy's game?" doesn't work.  Especially in July.

One other thing "That Guy" is fond of saying, involves a pregnant woman or her baby-daddy.  This one only works if they have multiple children.   "That Guy" never fails to chime in with the standard, "don't ya know how that happens?" BRILLIANT!!!  SOOOOOO CLEVER!!!

Over the years I have discovered how to stop him.  One larynx crushing blow to the throat should be sufficient to do the trick.    Because you don't need "That Guy" on a Monday.