Texans fans are still licking their wounds after this past weekends 30-0 destruction at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals....a team that barely scored 30 points all last season. OK that's a bit of a stretch but the Cardinals aren't a great team and should not have had such an easy time of it. However, secondary holes continue to plague the new coaching staff. Any decent QB looks for those holes and will burn you every single time if he finds one.

Luckily for the Texans, it was just preseason. Nobody counts these games. However, in case you missed it, Ryan Fitzpatrick played a big chunk of that game and he wasn't great. Hell, he wasn't even good. And this is the replacement to Matt Schaub? Texans fans, no offense, but I'd go ahead and start to worry.

The Texans look to redeem themselves this weekend when they take on the visiting Atlanta Falcons. We'll see how it goes.