If you're a Houston Texans fan, I'm sorry.  This season for you guys has been a huge let down to say the least.  Some experts predicted they would be making a Super Bowl run this year only to be proven wrong and the 2-7 Texans are just battling to stay out of the AFC cellar.

What I don't understand is the accountability on the team...or lack thereof.  Case and point.

Derek Newton:  The Texans tackle has been a virtual turn stile this season allowing defense after defense free shots at the QB. Hasn't improved....gets to keep his job.

Matt Schaub:  Horrible start to the season.  Can't scramble to save his life.  Throws more interceptions than a toddler throws tantrums.  Hasn't improved.....gets to keep his job.

Randy Bullock:  Horrible kicker.  Couldn't hit water if he fell out of a freakin boat.  Lost no less than 3 games for the Texans.  One of the worst kickers the NFL has seen in 30 years.  Hasn't improved....gets to keep his job.

Kareem Jackson:  Commits useless penalty after useless penalty.  Hasn't improved....gets to keep his job

Gary Kubiak:  Refuses to make viable changes to the lineup.  Only after Schaub went down with an injury did he start the best QB the Texans have seen to date.  Even then, he refuses to commit that Case Keenum is his starter for the remainder of the season.  Hasn't improved.....gets to keep his job.

Ed Reed:  9 time pro bowl Safety.  Injured the first few weeks of the season.  Finally gets to play and after 1 game they demote him to backup.  Says in an interview the team was outplayed and outcoached.....next day he loses his job.

So in my opinion there is your problem.  The organization chooses to turn a blind eye to mediocre play and accept that as the norm while seasoned veterans give their thoughts on what is wrong with the team and they get fired.  True, Reed is 35 which is considered elderly by today's NFL standards, but they choose to bench him for a guy who has committed the most penalties than anyone else on the team this season?  Then fire him for speaking out?  For what?  Free up cap space?  I don't but it.

Time for Bob McNair to wake up and re-structure this team or they will have very little chance moving forward.  Hard pill to swallow but it is what must be done.

We'll see but if I were you I wouldn't expect a free slushie any time soon.