Well the theatrics continue for the crumbling Houston Texans. Yesterday, Arian Foster was confirmed to miss the rest of the season with a torn Achilles tendon....really no surprise there. The guy takes a deep breath and he's out for the season.

But the big story yesterday from the Texans camp is this...

We learned that after cry baby quarterback Ryan Mallett missed the team charter to Miami that was the last straw for head coach Bill O'Brien. We now know that Coach O'Brien wanted to cut Mallett from the team and call it a day. However, one person could have kept that from happening....and he did.

Texans GM Rick Smith, who is certainly not gaining any popularity points in Houston, vetoed O'Brien's decision which angered some Texans fans calling for Smith's head. Will Smith be fired in the offseason? Honestly, probably not. Owner Bob McNair seems really high on Smith whether it be his business sense or maybe Smith has naked pictures of McNair in provocative poses...who knows.

However, you are messing with a billionaire's money and that usually doesn't fly so I guess we'll see at the end of the season...I've been wrong before...just ask my wife.

I do see Rick Smith's point though (GASP!) You have Brian Hoyer under center and with Tom Savage on injured reserve you can't go marching into Miami carrying only 1 quarterback...you just can't. So his decision to veto O'Brien was actually a smart one. But make no mistake...if the Texans go out and trade away for another team's backup to finish out the season I wouldn't count on Mallett getting too comfortable on that bench. He will be gone this season...the only question is when.