Nothing says hardened criminal badass like fleeing from police in a golf cart.  Usually, smart people tend to pick a vehicle better suited to outrun the cops.

Not the case for longtime Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown who apparently stole a golf cart after a show in Bangor, Maine featuring Nugent, Styx and REO Speedwagon.  Can you blame the guy?  I'd want to get as far away from REO Speedwagon as I could and would consider any means necessary.  However, cops in Bangor don't see it that way.  They busted Brown after a short pursuit (que Benny Hill music here).  Brown was said to be intoxicated (You'd almost have to be to steal a golf cart) and was finally subdued not by police, but by a security guard.  I guess his Walmart parking lot experience allowed him to outsmart Brown and make the bust.

And speaking of bust.....Brown somehow managed to pick up 2 women along the way.  Seriously?  What kind of woman wants to party with Ted Nugent's drummer on a golf cart?  I had a hard enough time picking up girls in a Mustang.  In any case, Brown was arrested and later released on $4,000 bail, and faces a court date of Aug. 15 for charges of operating under the influence of alcohol, driving to endanger, theft, and assault.

But perhaps the best line from the police report reads, "No damage was reported to the cart although two traffic cones were damaged, one still under the cart, significantly so."

Not sure what is worse here....the fact that he stole a golf cart, or the fact that no damage was done.  I expect more from a rock star like crashing into a tree at full speed (about 12 mph) or, in the very least, get tazed until you can't feel feelings.  But sadly no, this escapade ended with you being arrested by a security guard.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.