The Science Behind a Zombie Apocalypse
If you're one of the many who are eagerly anticipating a zombie apocalypse, or even just a big fan of 'The Walking Dead,' this video explains how zombies could potentially be created and how accurate most of the fictional zombies are.
Beware this Weekend’s Zombie Attack!
Zombies ate my neighbors, and now they're on their way to Cuero...but at least this time, it's for a good cause.
Bit seriously folks, this zombie invasion is actually the 5K Zombie Run/Walk 2012, a fundraiser for Relay For Life.
Zombies Overtake Columbus, Screaming Ensues
This video is basically just a bunch of people reacting predictably to a zombie man chasing them, but there are a few treasure moments in this prank on the people of Columbus; namely a woman who threatens to use self-defense on one zombie, and a guy who's bike will not go no matter how fast he …

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