Church Singing Doesn’t Get ANY Worse Than This!
Trust me, growing up Pentecostal in the The Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, I got to hear LOTS of gospel singing. LOTS. There was good. There was bad. Just like with any kind of music.

Then there's...this.

I'm not really sure what's going on in this video. I would imemdiat…
Need Some Trees on Your Property Cleared For Cheap?
At some point in your life, if you own land, you'll likely need a tree cleared off of your property for one reason or another. But MAN, can that get costly.

Maybe you should retain the services of the guy in this video. It's bound to be cheaper and a whole lot more entertaining to watch…
Super Bowl is Two Weeks Away…Let the Commercial Leaks Begin
I don't know if it will sell any Volkswagons or not, but this commercial will definitely be one of the bigger hits of Super Bowl Sunday.

Ever laid awake in bed wondering what a random pack of dogs singing the Imperial March Song from Star Wars would sound like? you can die without…
Dwarf Tossing Gone Bad
Better think twice before you toss that next dwarf. Peter Dinklage, an actor and known dwarf, while accepting his Golden Globe award, brought another dwarf's tragedy to public attention.

He mentioned a guy by the name of Martin Henderson. Then told the collective viewers to "google him…
Can You Guess These TV Theme Songs?
This musical ensemble ismaking quite the splash on youtube. They perform 15 famous TV theme songs in a two minute medley. Pretty cool. Check it out and see if you can name them all. You might have to watch and listen twice.

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