Texas is One Hard-Workin’ State
When it comes to hard work, Texans are not afraid to get their hands dirty. We have a great work ethic, and compared to states across this great nation of ours, Texas has a large number of hard-working cities.
Based on metrics including average weekly hours worked, number of workers with more than on…
Workshops To Help Laid-Off Workers Set for Today & Tomorrow
Being laid off from your job certainly isn't any fun. Severance pay, if you got any, only lasts so long, and finding a new job can be pretty tough, especially if you don't have many translatable skills. That's where a couple of workshops set for today (2/23) and tomorrow (2/24) may he…
5 Bad Work Habits That Can Get You Fired
Nobody's perfect, but even the best of us is occasionally going to come up short at the office. But there’s a difference between the occasional missed meeting and a career full of bad work habits that remain unbroken. And that difference could cost you your job.

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