Who’s Lazier — Men or Women? [POLL]
Earlier this month, we learned that women have edged ahead of men in terms of average IQ.
But if the fairer sex wants to use their extra smarts to take over the world they’re probably going to have to get off the couch first.
Who’s Smarter — Men or Women? [POLL]
For the past century, women haven’t done as well as men on IQ tests, lagging behind by as much as five points. But it seems all that has changed — the fairer sex is now getting higher scores than guys are.
Women Still Prefer Talking on the Phone
I never thought I'd be a "texting" kind of person. But it's soooooo much less invasive than having to talk on the phone to someone, that slowly but surely I was sucked in to the texting culture. I can hardly bare to have a phone conversation now. If it's something really i…
Man Steals Beer to Pick Up Women
A man in Jensen Beach, Florida got picked up by police before he picked up any chicks.
Twenty-year-old Anthony Hernandez admitted to police he stole an 18-pack of Bud Light from a 7-Eleven on Monday in the hopes he could use the beer to "score some women."
Some Insight into a Man’s Mind
Ask any woman, and she'll probably tell you that men are tough to figure out. As a man, I can say the same holds true for women. I guess the mystery is what makes it interesting in a relationship, learning what makes your partner tick, their idiosyncrasies, their tastes, their insights. Well la…