POV Cheerleading
I've never really thought about this before. It's POV cheerleading. POV means point-of-view, in the event that you're not an internet porn Connoisseur. So this is what it's like to be stared at? AND to annoy others. Nice. Check out the vid.
Love a Good Prank? Check This Out!
These two guys play a great prank in the midst of Black Friday! But why does it feel like in the beginning, they're about to make out? It's great wasting people's time, ain't it?

The "fish poison" part still has me laughing. Watch the vid and you'll understan…
TV Wild Man Fights a Raccoon
Gotta love dudes like this. Growing up in East Tennessee, my life was full of'em. In fact, my best friend there has a pet "coon" named Chief that lives in the rafters inside his house. A wild, vicious little animal that they consider a pet. You may have heard my story on air about…

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