One Last Christmas Video to Make You Laugh
I had to do it. Pretty funn ystuff here. The people at put together some of the funniest vids on the web. This video, starring Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes & More, is no exception. Check it out.

WARNING : FOUL LANGUAGE. Not suitable for work or children.

Tebow May Host SNL
Peyton Manning did it. Tom Brady did it. THAT, my friend, is pretty elite company. SNL is reportedly set to ask tim tebow to host SNL. Sources say that he "can't" and "won't" til after the season, but likely will accept the offer.

For a guy that "will never be an …
Hope You Didn’t just Eat!
They're old. Probably smell funny too. And they really have no business dancing and lip synching in, of all places, a Wal Mart. I can't quite wrap my brain around it yet. I'm trying though. If gyrating old ladies make you queasy...don't watch this video.
Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again
The last time Jimmy Kimmel did a segment like this, I was not convinced it was all real. Second time around...still not convinced. Regardless, it's really funny. The last kids quote, about what to tell Jimmy Kimmel, makes the whole video worth while.

If you didn't see round one of these v…
Scottish Guy Freaks About Wind Storm
Watch the vid. Living here in South Texas, how many of us have to stake down our trampolines and playground sets because of the gusting winds? Probably a lot of us.

I actually had a trampoline thrown by the wind not too long ao. In fact, in my old ass 1902 house, the wind blew so hard against …

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