This Even Scared Me
I've got to admit that I was a little frightened when I saw this video. If it scared me, just imagine what it would do to kids.
‘Great Gatsby’ House Torn Down [VIDEO]
The home that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write eternal high school English class assignment 'The Great Gatsby' has been torn down, according to reports.
'Lands End' was a grand mansion on Long Island's North Shore, which was built by a newspaper publisher in 1902.
For a period of time during the …
Dinosaur Scares Australian School Children [VIDEO]
One of the first things a youngster learns about dinosaurs is that they have long been extinct. On a certain level, these Australian school children have internalized that lesson. However, when the life-like prehistoric beast starts to roar in this video (after the jump), some of them no longer see…
Check Out Brand New Def Leppard
They are back! With a brand new album called "Mirrorball" on the way and a tour this summer, the band is as busy as ever. Take a listen to the first single called "Undefeated", and tell us what you think about it.
Helen Mirren Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ [VIDEOS]
'Saturday Night Live' got a touch of class this weekend, thanks to host Dame Helen Mirren, who was there to promote her new movie 'Arthur.'
The 65-year-old Oscar winner certainly gave it her all in an episode that seemed to rely on two things: her never-aging beauty and her ability to impersonate fam…
10 Epic Pole Dancing Disasters [VIDEO]
It used to be that pole dancing was strictly the domain of well-tipped professionals.
However, these days, with pole dancing being embraced as both a form of exercise and something you can do in a Hip-Hop star's rec room or tour bus, many more amateurs are taking to the pole.
Jacob Tucker Wins NCAA Slam Dunk Tournament [VIDEO]
Last month a video of a Jacob Tucker pulling off a series of spectacular slam dunks became a viral hit.  What made the video so striking is that Tucker, a guard for Division III school Illinois College, is white and under six-feet tall — both traits that aren’t typically a…

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