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Van Halen Live Album Details Revealed
Van Halen will release what the band is calling its "definitive live album" on March 31 -- the same date they're scheduled to begin a six-album remaster series with reissues of 'Van Halen' and '1984.'
8 Year Old Drummer Rocks Van Halen
I'm always impressed by good drummers. It's one of those instruments that I like to "air" to but, I know I could never play very well because of my superb lack of coordination. That's why it's so cool when you see a young kid that has a real talent for it. It&ap…
Runnin’ With the Smooth Jazz Devil
I am a huge Van Halen fan and, one of the best songs they ever did was Runnin' With The Devil.
I am also a huge fan of song parodies and remixes found on the interwebs. So, imagine my surprise when I ran across a smooth jazz version of the song from You tuber Andy Rehfeldt. Nicely done!
Van Halen Live DVD Rumored
We've been told in no uncertain terms that Van Halen's long-awaited "secret project" is not a new album. Now we have a fresh set of rumors hinting at what it might be instead.

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