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Robot Chicken’s Awesome Van Halen Parody
I have probably mentioned before that I am a huge Van Halen Fan. I also love parody, and when I was reading a piece from Rolling Stone about the new Van Halen book about the band's early years, I ran across this link and I thought it was too cool not to share...
Check Out the Ultimate Van Halen Movie Tribute
I am a big Van Halen fan. I've seen them twice in my lifetime, and I can say both times (once with Dave, once with Sammy) they were the best band I have ever seen live. To say that they've had an impact on music and popular culture is an understatement...
Jump for that Burning Love [VIDEO]
I just ran across another great mashup in the interwebs. This one is a mix of Van Halen and Elvis Presley, and I kinda like it. II Call it 'Jump for that Burning Love.'

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