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Van Halen ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’ Isolated Guitar Track
I love Van Halen. Ever since the first album, I along with millions of others, was blown away by the way Eddie reinvented rock guitar. My friends and I were also floored by the band's attitude, the vocal harmonies, Diamond Dave's epic screams, and the stellar production.
As amateur guitar players, we…
Van Halen Working on “Mysterious” Project [VIDEO]
Van Halen had a big comeback when David Lee Roth was welcomed back into the fold for their 12th studio album 'A Different Kind of truth' in 2012, and after the album's success the question was what's next for the band? That's what all of us VH fans want to know. In the latest episode of Diamond Dav…
New Van Halen Album Rumors Continue
David Lee Roth recently let slip that Van Halen is working on a follow-up to 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth,' and although he cautioned fans they'd have to wait awhile, it sounds like the band is making real progress.
30 Years Ago: Van Halen Debut ‘Jump’ Video
By waiting until January 1984 to release their '1984' LP, Van Halen broke an impressive one-album-a-year streak that dated back to 1978 -- but they made up for it by picking up their first No. 1 single in the U.S. with the record's lead-off single, 'Jump.'
David Lee Roth Offers Timetable for New Van Halen Album
It was 14 years between Van Halen's last two albums (or even longer if you don't want to count the Gary Cherone debacle), but it seems like we won't have to wait nearly as long for new music from them again. In a new interview, David Lee Roth says that they could have something ready …

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