2016 Fall TV Preview: 30 Premieres You Can’t Miss
These days, it'd take at least two years to watch only only one season's worth of #PeakTV, a quarter of which won't even be around a second year. You’d need some sort of absurd television guidance periodical to navigate it all, but because we love you' we've put toget…
ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’ Moving to USA?
'Happy Endings' fans, your favorite show may soon live up to its namesake. After a largely disastrous move to Friday nights, it seems there may be hope on the horizon after all for ABC's 'Happy Endings,' which has struggled all season in its shuffling various schedules. New reports suggest that USA …
Doug Stanhope on Why America is Great
Sure, we have our share of problems in the good 'ol USA, but we are still by far the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Check out this video of comedian Doug Stanhope telling Britons why America is the best. Warning-NSFW language.