UFO Burn Down The House In Ohio
Over 40 years on, UFO remain one of hard rock's most treasured, and yet most under appreciated bands ever. Though the band has seen its share of personnel changes over the years, founding drummer Andy Parker and original singer Phil Mogg are clearly in it for the long haul. Thursday night at th…
UFO Announce Fall 2012 U.S. Tour
British metal legends UFO will soon land in America. The band are doing a quick tour this fall in support of their most recent album, ‘Seven Deadly,’ which was released in February.
UFO’s Over London?
Regardless of your opinions and personal theories about what UFO's are, you've got to admit that videos like this are puzzling. What the hell is it we're seeing and what are they up to?

Considering they're over London, maybe it's a small group of Alien, Missionary dentis…