Planning A Summer Road Trip? Here’s How Texas Ranks
It's summertime, time to enjoy the great outdoors, head to the beach, or take a road trip. Like most Americans, that's what my family has planned, load up the family Truckster, and head out to see the world's largest ball of twine. Okay, actually to see some of the sights across this great land of o…
Texas Town Names Massacred By Michigan DJs
Here in the Lone Star State, we have some pretty strangely named towns. Sometimes it's not even the name of the town that's a little unusual, but the unique pronunciation.
I'm from the State of Michigan, so I can relate to these Michigan DJs destroying these names of Texas towns. I have been here nea…
UHV School of Business Administration Among the Best in the World
Texas certainly has some of the best things in the world, and Victoria can now add another feather in it's cap because, we also have one of the best schools in the world.
I'm talking about the UHV School of Business Administration, which just completed it's 5th-year review and business…

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