Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent Paid $16,000 NOT to Perform in Longview
The Motor City Madman just made the easiest $16,000 in Rock & Roll, by being paid by the city of Longview, Texas to not play there. Wait, what?!?
Yep, the outspoken Ted Nugent was slated to appear at the city's annual Fourth of July Festival, but city officials decided the Nuge was &…
Ted Nugent Pledges to ‘Stop Calling People Names’
Ted Nugent remains one of the most complicated, polarizing figures in rock. He apologized for calling President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel," even while denying that the term was racist. Nugent now says that he will "stop calling people names," but he's …
Ted Nugent Unleashes Epic 44-Tweet Political Rant
The war of words between Ted Nugent and the media continues to heat up, with the politically outspoken rock star reeling off 44 rapid-fire tweets about the evils of the world last night, even as a series of politicians lined up to condemn his most recent remarks on President Obama.

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