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The Best Reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs
I didn't get a chance to watch the VMAS last night, but then again, I haven't watched MTV since the 80's. I think we all know MTV is basically the last place you'll find anything rock these days. I did look for the results online this morning though, and ran across this little ge…
Feminist Taylor Swift Is Everything You Want It to Be
Do you secretly love Taylor Swift, but keep your love hidden because liking her lyrics makes you deeply, deeply ashamed? Twitter profile Feminist Taylor Swift is just the thing for you. They just take a Taylor Swift lyric and tack a feminist button onto it.
Taylor Swift Beats Out Paul McCartney for July Concert Crown
Time will tell if we’ll still need her when she’s 64, but last month, Taylor Swift was the biggest concert draw in the land — selling even more tickets than Paul McCartney.
According to numbers released by the ticketing service TicketsNow, Swift accounted for an …