10 Comic Book Characters Who Would Make Terrible Friends
You love reading about their adventures and feel like they are almost a part of your life but would you really want to grab a brew in real life with a comic book superhero (or villain)? Here are ten comic book characters who would make particularly bad friends.
10 Gender-Swapped Versions of Famous Comic Book Characters
Rumors are swirling around the geek-o-sphere that Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen may in fact be Jenny Olsen, and played by actress Rebecca Bueller, in this summer's movie 'Man of Steel.' Fans are already freaking over the idea of Superman palling around with a woman who isn't Lo…
Watch Superheroes Play Street Hockey, Because It’s Awesome
They're all here, heroes and villains. Watch Spider-Man, Batmam, The X-Men, Bane, The Joker and more play street hockey in protest of the NHL Lockout.
This video proves that superheroes are incredibly talented athletes. I mean, how else are they able to pull this off wearing those ridiculous cos…
Superheroes Earbuds Are Out Of This World
Chances that you’ll ever be as buff as Superman or as flashy as the Green Lantern (can a man really wear a ring that big?) but you can dress up your ears while fighting crime in your mind.
iHip Discovery has released a line of Hi-Fi superhero earbuds so now you can walk the streets or work out while …