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Steel Panther Helps You Stay Stylish in Winter
Hair metal humorists Steel Panther know what rock n' roll fashion is all about, and they want to pass some of that knowledge on to you. You have questions, and that's why they put together these videos to answer your questions. Take it from the most stylish of the guys, bass player Lexxi Foxx and th…
This Week in Music-New Steel Panther [VIDEO]
Yesterday (April 1st) was the day that heavy metal humorists Steel Panther released their new album "All You Can Eat." So, who better to talk about what's new this week than the band themselves? Warning: NSFW language. Would you expect anything less from Steel Panther?
This Week in Music with Steel Panther
Steel Panther is back with a new album called 'All you Can Eat' due April 1st and a tour to follow. These hilarious heavy metal rockers are also back riffing on new music due out this week. Check out Stix Zadinia and Lexxi Foxx with 'This week in Music.'
New Years Resolutions You Can Keep from Steel Panther
Steel Panther are rock & roll's heavy metal debauchery dignitaries, with their blend of 80's rock, along with liberal doses of adult themes and humor. Make no mistake, these guys put on a great rock show with legit musicianship and hilarious original tunes.
These guys also offer some pretty funny…
11-Year-Old Guitar Phenom Shreds Onstage With Steel Panther
Steel Panther guitarist Satchel is one of the most talented shredders in heavy metal, but his days may be numbered. On Dec. 19, 11-year-old Aidan Fisher challenged Satchel to a shred-off in Kansas City during Steel Panther's performance at the Midland Theater. Fisher wowed the audience with his…
Steel Panther Expose New Song ‘Glory Hole’ [NSFW]
As if they had emerged from a time machine, throwback rockers Steel Panther have risen up to become one of metal's greatest live bands. In the year 2013, there's nothing quite like a Steel Panther show, which is why hearing a new track from the band live is the perfect way to experien…
The 12 Days of Christmas-Steel Panther Style [VIDEO]
It's the Christmas season, and what better way to get in the spirit than with a holiday classic? Better yet, why not add a touch of heavy metal into the mix? Check out this unique interpretation of '12 Days of Christmas,' as done by rock 'n' roll pranksters Steel Panther. Wa…

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