Bear Enters Mall, Goes Shopping At Sears
When a bear can’t find what it needs in the woods it generally raids the trash cans of neighboring humans. But in Pittsburgh, a bear cub devised a far more ambitious plan to stock up on supplies- – she took off to the nearest mall and entered the facility through the Sears.
Sears Employee Wears Boots He Stole From Store To Work
You'd have to think that a man who works at a Sears in Sarasota, Florida was given the boot after he was caught stealing from the store.
The Herald-Tribune reports the unidentified 18-year-old man stole a pair of boots from the store in the DeSoto Square Mall – and then wore them to work.
That’s Not What They Meant By “DieHard?”
I think the Sears brand name "DieHard" is pretty self-explanatory. Ever since I was a kid, I always thought about car batteries when I heard the term. I thought everybody did. Now a Georgia company faces a lawsuit over the use of the name, this time with a completely different mean…