Scam Alert: Bogus Nonprofit Door-to-Door Solicitations
If someone comes to your door asking for donations for the nonprofit organization Christ's Kitchen, do not give them any money. In fact, you should call the police a report them.
That from the organization, where Executive Director Trish Hastings says the organization would never solicit donatio…
Victoria Beware: Another Scammer on the Loose
We've heard the story before, a scammer calls an unsuspecting person and tries to convince them that they are in in some kind of legal trouble they knew nothing about, and they need to arrange payment right away, usually through a prepaid debit card...
Scam Alert: Paying Fake Bills with iTunes Gift Cards
Scammers try all kinds of things to con you out of your money, like calling you about a debt you probably don't actually owe and asking you to pay with prepaid debit cards. Really? Some even to claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service...
Beware of This One Word Scam
The FCC is warning consumers about a brand new scam that is hooking consumers with just one word: YES. According the FCC, the call opens with a person or recoding saying: "Can you hear me?"  When you respond 'yes,' and that's all it takes for you to get sca…
Victoria Business Owners, Beware the OSHA Scam
Has your business been visited by someone claiming to be from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lately? If so, you may have been the victim of an attempted scam.
According to a press release from the Victoria Police Department, there are reports of  fraudulent activity involvin…
Jury Duty Scam Alive & Well in Victoria
We hear about all kinds of scams these days as unscrupulous people attempt to con you out of your money. Here's a new one that the Better Business Bureau has brought to our attention involving jury duty. Here's what the official press release had to say.
Scam Alert: Pay at the Pump Skimming
You may have heard about thieves using devices to 'skim' your debit card information when you put gas in your car and pay at the pump. The Victoria County Sheriff's Office says it's happened a few times here in the Crossroads recently.

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