royal baby

The Birth of the Royal Baby as told through Tiawanese Animation
So, the Royal Baby has been born. Who cares, right? Frankly, I'm more concerned whether or not the words 'Royal Baby' should be capitalized in this sentence. For those of us that don't follow British Monarchy ascension and how that whole thing works, maybe this Taiwanese animatio…
The Royal Baby Finally Has a Name
Attention, peasants of earth: Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby hath now been blessed with a name of tradition and bore: George Alexander Louis.
So we definitely lost in the betting pool with our Prince George Michael guess. On the plus side, we no longer have to call him the Royal Baby.
Prince William + Kate Middleton Welcome Their Royal Baby
Hear ye, hear ye! On this day, July 22, Prince William and yon wife Kate Middleton have successfully created the third successor in line for the British throne: a (still unnamed) baby boy.
That's right, kids. The royal bun has officially exited the royal oven. And Kanye had nothing to do with it…