Victoria Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
I consider myself pretty lucky. I have never been the direct victim of any type of robbery, although there was one time my sister and I were eating at a McDonald's Restaurant that was robbed while we were sitting there. It was a scary, almost surreal experience...
Axl Rose Robbed After Paris Guns N’ Roses Show
Three necklaces valued at $200,000 were stolen from Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose following the band’s recent show in Paris. It doesn’t appear Rose was wearing the gold and diamond necklaces at the time, but a judicial police spokesman says they were…
Stupid Criminal. I Mean, Really Stupid.
Bruce Manlove.

I repeat, Bruce Manlove.

Think this guy is gonna have some trouble doing hard time with a name like that? The clerk that was robbed was lucky he didn't get "Sea-Bassed" in the men's room. Read below.

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