random acts of kindness

Random Act of Kindness by Victoria West High School Band
We featured a few stories before Christmas of Random Act of Kindness and wanted to keep sharing these stories.
The Victoria West High School Band of Warriors decided to take on a community service project for the Holidays.  It had been brought to their attention that there was a family, new to o…
Local Family Gets Home Makeover for Christmas
One Victoria family had no clue how big their Christmas was going to be. Platinum Homes Investments and people from all over the community got together to make one family's Christmas one they will never forget.
Random Act of Kindness by Jennifer Jannsen
No matter where you are, this is the day to change the world with one simple act of kindness. What better month to start doing this than December? You hear so much negative things in the world today so we want to take time to highlight the good others do. Random Acts of Kindness focuses on the spiri…
Random Act of Kindness from Joy Walker
This time of year we all get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays to take a moment to make someone’s day a little brighter. So, recently, we've been highlighting individuals in our community who are performing random acts of kindness.
You Can Help With This Random Act of Kindness
You can join in this year and be a part of an annual event that transforms one local family's home and life. Join Platinum Home Investments as they surprise a local Victoria Family in need of some Christmas Cheer. Platinum Home Investments has joined together with some great sponsors to help co…
Random Act of Kindness by Trey Ganem
Its a few days before Christmas and I wanted to take time and focus on the random acts of kindness that goes on in our community. This guy should receive some type of huge award or his name on a hollywood star! If you haven't heard of Trey Ganem, let us tell you a little about him.
Two Victoria Police Officers Perform Act of Kindness
Last month, two Victoria Police officers were seen performing an act of kindness when they donated groceries to a needy family. This happened after a call to a woman's home, when the officers noticed she had no food in the house. What they did next was definitely above and beyond the call of duty. W…