Canadian Jailers Confiscate the Strangest Things
One can probably pretty well imagine what kinds of contraband makes its way behind bars, items like drugs, items to help an inmate escape, weapons, and nuisance items, just to name a few. In Canada however, along with the above items, prison officials say they have taken some pretty unusual items, i…
Woman Tries To Sneak Husband Out of Mexican Prison in Suitcase
It began with a conjugal visit, and ended with a bold attempt at a prison break.
Nineteen-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona used the privacy of the conjugal visit room in a Mexican prison to stuff her common law husband Juan Ramirez Tijerina -- who is serving a 20-year sentence for a 2007 conviction for …
Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Prison Healthcare [VIDEO]
Last week, James Verone walked into an RBC bank –sans gun – with a robbery plan. However, unlike most bank robbers, his plan did not involve walking out with loads of cash.
Instead, the 59-year-old North Carolina man actually wanted to be arrested so he’d have access …
Stupid Criminal. I Mean, Really Stupid.
Bruce Manlove.

I repeat, Bruce Manlove.

Think this guy is gonna have some trouble doing hard time with a name like that? The clerk that was robbed was lucky he didn't get "Sea-Bassed" in the men's room. Read below.

Inmates’ Coloring Books Painted With Drugs [VIDEO]
Three inmates at the Cape May County Correctional Center in New Jersey wanted their drugs so badly, they used a children's coloring book to sneak them into their prison cells. We hate to give criminals so much credit, but the whole process was undeniably ingenious.
With the help of two civilians, the…