Watching Pornography Causes Blindness in Women
According to the old wives’ tale, masturbation leads to blindness. Of course that is ridiculous, because if it did you wouldn’t be reading these very words. It turns out watching porn, however, does cause a kind of temporary blindness — especially if you ar…
Chronic Masturbator Sues To Gain Access to Porn in Jail
Kyle Richards, a prisoner awaiting sentence on a bank robbery conviction, claims he suffers from chronic masturbation syndrome and needs porn to manage his affliction.
And since the 21-year old isn’t being provided access to pornography behind bars in Michigan’s Macomb…
Just What, Exactly is Dora Exploring, Anyway?
Imagine looking at your neighborhood Toys "R" Us store for a nice, safe video for your kids to watch. You figure that with a brand as tame and family friendly as Dora The Explorer, you'd be safe, right?
Not so fast, grasshopper.
Not in the case of 31 year old Candice Connor from Queens, NY. …