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Madden NFL 17 Review (PlayStation 4)
Now in the third year of the newest console generation, Madden NFL 17 finds itself served well by the combined efforts of the past as well as a number of great small improvements.
Germans Go Crazy for Playstation 4 [VIDEO]
Sure, we're a society that's steeped in rampant consumerism here in the U.S.
People do off the deep end on Black Friday, but what about Europe? We shouldn't feel too guilty about our behavior (provided nobody gets hurt, of course). Check out these Germans going ape over the new Playsta…
How the Internet is Reacting to Playstation 4
So this video does a pretty good job of summing up the PS4 press conference yesterday, if you didn't have several hours to spend watching streaming video about a new gaming console. Some people are excited. Others are underwhelmed. Still others are making memes, because this is the internet, an…