What Was That Song You Guys Played 2 Hours Ago?
We get it all the time. Calls asking exactly that "what was that song you guys played 2 hours ago?" I know what it's like, we're all on the go, and don't have time to wait to hear the DJ say what it was. That's where our playlist feature comes in handy.
What Was That Song We Just Played, Anyway?
That's a question we get asked an awful lot in radio. Sometimes you get the call an hour or 3  after the song was played, all and the caller can give us is "it had a guitar intro" , or "you know, it's the song about the guy and the girl and something else ab…
What Was that Song I Just Heard, Anyway?
How many times have you heard a song on 106.9, and wondered what was that song, anyway? You're in the car, but you get out before we announce what it was. Or, you're fighting road noise and just can't quite hear it when we tell you. I hate when that happens. 106.9 The Rock Playlist to…