High-Speed Hamster Havoc: Your Stupid Video of the Day
We've all heard the jokes about small cars that have a hamster running on a wheel to power them, so what do you think they look like when the little guy is cranking up the rpm's? Check out this dude as he revs it up out before biting it. Warning-bad language alert.
12 Babies and Puppies Who Are Best Friends
Puppies and babies top our list of the cutest things in the entire world. They're both pint-size bundles of adorableness that instantly distract us in any given situation (see: tiny puppies or videos of munchkins). But did you know there's something out there even better than said distractions? Even…
Pugs Dressed as Movie Characters for Halloween
Sure, animals in Halloween costumes are adorable, but pugs always seem to have the most awesome Halloween costumes around. Those scrunched-up little faces of theirs give so much more character to the costume... Oh, who are we kidding? We can't explain it. Pugs in Halloween costumes are just ridiculo…
Do Pets Make Kids Smarter?
If you have or are thinking of having kids, it might be a good idea to also add a pet to the equation. That’s because last month a study found that babies who grow up in households with pets are healthier than their pet-less counterparts. And now a survey of children suggests that ha…
Here’s Your Stupid Pet Video of the Day
Pets are always amusing. Both dogs and cats do some pretty funny stuff from time to time, which is one of the things that make pet ownership so much fun. Check out this little video compilation of cats and dogs doing some pretty funny things.

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