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Penn State Bans ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Football Games
The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State had many innocent victims. First and foremost are the young boys abused by Sandusky, then there are the current and future Penn State players and students who will suffer for years under the weight of the NCAA punishments. And now you can add Neil Diamond to …
How to Fix the Problem at Penn State
It’s been in the news.  We’re probably all tired of hearing about it.  Penn State wants this problem to go away, and the university has gone through the motions of “caring” about the alleged child molestation charges that occurred right under their chin straps.
This has been an ongoing problem for po…
Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Fired Amidst Scandal
The Penn State Board of Trustees announced Thursday it is firing longtime football coach Joe Paterno, as well as university president Graham Spanier. Both officials are accused of not reporting to police knowledge of sexual abuses against children by a member of their staff.