Check Out Heart Destroying A Led Zeppelin Classic
I love Led Zeppelin. The contributions they've made to Rock & Roll are countless. I'm also a big fan of the band Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson have always acknowledged the influence Led Zeppelin had on them so, who better to pay tribute to the iconic rockers at the Kennedy Center Hon…
Weirdest Carl’s JR. Commercial Parody Ever [VIDEO]
You've probably seen the commercials for Carl's Jr. featuring Kate Upton, right? You just know that somebody had to take that concept and run with it,  with a parody. Now, we give to you the ultimate Carl's Jr. Kate Upton Parody. Be sure to watch for the surprise ending.
David Byrne iPhone Apps We’d Like to See
David Byrne, former front man from the always quirky Talking Heads, is an artist in the true sense of the word. Musician, songwriter, painter, director, producer, multi-instrumentalist, the list goes on. One thing he's know for is his satirical sense of humor. Just check out some of the lyrics in so…