10 Athletes Who Lived With Their Parents as Adults
The next time someone gives you a hard time for living with your parents as an adult, you can point to these famous athletes who did the same thing for some period of time while they were playing or after they hung it up. Some athletes did it to save money, others weren't sure about their futur…
New School Traffic Woes
I was reading in the Victoria Advocate that there were 14,200 students that started the new school year at V.I.S.D. schools yesterday, and when I was dropping off my eager student at Howell Middle School, I got the impression that about 95% of those students were going there. Needless to say, the tr…
See!! It’s Not a Gland Problem!!!
You've been looking for an excuse, haven't you? It can't be that you just got lazy. It can't be that you're just apathetic. It must be a gland problem, right? In a strange way it might be a gland problem. The glands that produced your children.